Viewers found ITV’s Hatton Garden a bit “slow” – and struggled to hear it

The true crime drama was praised for its acting but some viewers were dissatisfied

Timothy Spall as Terry Perkins and Kenneth Cranham as Brian Reader in Hatton Garden, ITV Pictures

Hatton Garden has finally aired its first episode on ITV, but was it worth the wait? While some viewers praised the cast’s chemistry, many found it to be a bit too “slow” a starter.


The four-part series – which will run through Thursday on ITV – is a dramatisation of the Hatton Garden safe deposit heist, which saw a group of veteran thieves make off with a multi-million pound haul over the Easter bank holiday weekend in 2015. Timothy Spall and Kenneth Cranham lead a fine cast as the real-life burglars – but the action was not deemed exciting enough by some viewers.

“There’s no denying the acting is wonderful,” @minisheldini wrote, “and the story is fascinating but I am finding it a bit slow… I’ll stick with it.”

@DavidMackayy added: “This isn’t very exciting so far is it…? Hoping it’ll get better but I struggle to understand how they’re going to drag this out for 4 episodes.”

They weren’t alone…

Meanwhile, other viewers complained that the dialogue was hard to make out.

“The sound quality on Hatton Garden is hideous,” Grant Rivers tweeted. “You can barely hear the spoken word over the sound fx.”

@Diggers49 added: “Not holding my attention, poor sound quality and plodding timeline.”

And for some, it was one Hatton Garden story too many, with the ITV adaptation hot on the heels of two films released since the heist took place.


Hatton Garden continues Tuesday at 9pm on ITV