Harry Potter’s Katie Leung to star in BBC drama about China’s One Child policy

The actress who played Cho Chang in the Harry Potter films will star as a young woman caught in a lethal situation


Katie Leung, best known as Hogwarts pupil Cho Chang in the Harry Potter films, is starring in One Child, a three-part thriller about a young woman called Mei who is “caught up in a life-or-death situation” related to the country’s former one-child policy.


in October last year, a Chinese news agency cited a communique from the country’s Communist government stating that it would be relaxing the law and that couples would now be allowed to have up to two children in order “to improve the balanced development of population”.

The drama is part of BBC2’s China season, which starts in February and will look at different aspects of the increasingly powerful country, through various programmes. 


As well as Leung’s drama, Robert Peston will investigate China’s economic slowdown, Rick Stein will explore its food and Michael Wood will take viewers though the country’s immensely long and rich history. Meanwhile, Kate Humble and the Hairy Bikers will show us China’s extraordinary New Year celebrations.