The end of Happy Valley's penultimate episode saw James Norton's villainous Tommy offering his son Ryan a difficult choice - stay with Catherine and stay in school, or escape with Tommy to Marbella to start a new life.


The closing moments of the episode saw Tommy communicating with Ryan secretly through his games console, and Ryan saying he will "think about" Tommy's offer. However, the question remains - will he go through with it?

Now, in an exclusive poll for, the show's fans have spoken, and they seem pretty certain Ryan will not choose to go with Tommy in the end.

In a clear response, 85 per cent of fans voted that Ryan won't go with Tommy, while only 15 per cent said he will.

Meanwhile, one fan commented: "He definitely will choose to go and on his way to Tommy, changes his mind. Oooooh my GOD, this finale will be too incredibly tense. It won't end well."

With only one episode left of Happy Valley, and seemingly no chance of a fourth season beyond this, it really is crunch time for our central characters.

This has led some to speculate that Catherine could die in the finale, a theory which has only been bolstered by the penultimate episode, as she and Tommy appear to be heading towards a deadly showdown.

Norton has teased that the ending will 'surprise' viewers, explaining: "The Sally [Wainwright, creator] signature is 'the rug pull' and there's a few of those still to come. Right until the end, it's surprising."

Norton also said that the finale will go "against expectation", but will still be satisfying for fans.

He said: "Everyone I've spoken to who has read it is like 'phew'. It's just great. It's Sally letting rip in her wonderful way. Going against expectation, but also giving you what you want. I loved reading it."

Happy Valley season 3 concludes on Sunday 5th February at 9pm on BBC One and BBC iPlayer. The first two seasons are available to watch on BBC iPlayer now.

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