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Grantchester fans are really missing James Norton's Sidney – but loving Leonard’s new role

Rather than Tom Brittney's new vicar, it was old favourite Leonard that stepped into Sidney's shoes

Published: Saturday, 26th January 2019 at 10:58 am

After five years at the pulpit, James Norton’s crime-solving clergyman Sidney Chambers was missing from the most recent episode of Grantchester, waving goodbye to the village in the show's last instalment.


But was the ITV drama any good without its original lead? Can Grantchester survive sans-Sidney?

  • Who is Tom Brittney? Meet the actor taking over from James Norton in Grantchester
  • Grantchester viewers sad to see James Norton’s Sidney go – but they loved watching him leave
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  • According to viewers: absolutely. Despite missing a key character, fans applauded the latest episode, noting how the show had managed to keep its signature warmth.

    In particular, viewers loved Leonard Finch’s (Al Wearer) larger (and very clumsy) role in the story. After Sidney’s departure, it was down to the interim vicar to assist Detective Geordie Keating's (Robson Green) murder investigation.

    But Leonard’s antics couldn’t distract many from missing Sidney...

    Fortunately though, any sadness soon evaporated with the arrival of Will Davenport – the show’s new lead clergyman played by Tom Brittney – on a motorbike.

    However, Will had a surprisingly small role in the story, only being declared as the new vicar of Grantchester at the episode’s end. To many, this was a very clever piece of plotting that allowed them to transition to a show without Sidney.

    In summary:


    Grantchester continues at 9pm on Fridays on ITV

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