Girls series four episode four preview

Life gets a little darker in the next episode of Lena Dunham's cult drama...

Remember how Shoshanna ventured where most millenials wouldn’t dare and turned down a job in episode three? A job that seemed really good? With a boss who was ridiculously nice?


Well, as we all suspected, that may well have been a terrible decision. In episode four the real world is looking a lot less shiny for Shoshanna (Zosia Mamet) as the next lot of job interviews don’t go quite so smoothly. And things get trickier for everyone else too, as Hannah’s creative paradise at the Iowa creative school becomes more like purgatory.

Is her growing unhappiness just writers block, or something more? If you thought her social faux pas at the poet’s party was cringeworthy to watch, you might want to grab some a pillow to hide behind for this this instalment. It’s brilliantly awkward stuff. 

And as we were hoping, begging and praying she would, Dunham finally deals with the huge elephant in the room, Hannah and Adam’s (Adam Driver) relationship. What’s actually going on there? It’s not a pretty sight.  

Yet of the two romantic relationships in the series so far, Hannah and Adam’s is less bizarre and twisted than Marnie (Allison Williams) and Desi’s (Ebon Moss-Bachrach) affair, which reaches a sharp turning point in this episode. 

But for all the darkness, there are some lovely, funny moments too. Girls fans had been tweeting that they were missing the grumpy Ray (Alex Karpovsky) they knew and loved from the first three series, and that he’d become too amicable and good-natured recently.

Well, those viewers need fear no more because the shouty, raging Ray returns as he gets very, very upset about a noise pollution problem. And naturally, he bumps into ex-girlfriend Shoshanna mid-yell…


Girls series four episode four airs on Monday 2nd February at 22.00 on Sky Atlantic