It's the cult show that shines a light on life as a twentysomething woman. Sometimes uncomfortable, sometimes shocking, always real and always funny (unless you're feeling too awkward to let out a laugh).


But Girls, Lena Dunham's hit HBO dramedy, is completely immersed in America and its New York City setting.

So what about the twentysomethings in the UK, we hear you cry? We make poor decisions, date questionable men and wear string vests, too. We're feeling left out.

Well, we might not be for much longer. It turns out Jenni Konner, executive producer and writer on Girls, would "love" to make an episode of the comedy set in London.

When we sat down with her as the third series of Girls kicked off on Sky Atlantic, talk turned to bringing Hannah, Marnie, Jessa and Shosh over to the UK, and her reaction was more than positive...

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"I would love to!" Konner told us. "My boyfriend just made Don Hemingway here so I got to spend a lot of time here during that time. I had so much fun and loved the crew and everything. It was great."

Really though, we need more than just a token episode. There's nothing on TV about women in their early 20s in the UK. We sort of need our own series...

"Okay!" said Konner. "Done."

So there you have it. Fingers crossed we've just set the ball rolling on a new Lena Dunham/Jenni Konner venture in the UK. You read it here first, people...

Girls continues on Mondays at 10:00pm on Sky Atlantic.

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