Game of Thrones showrunners deliver “heartfelt apology” for latest Hodor episode

But probably not for the reason you think – contains spoilers for season six episode five The Door


If you were left feeling bereft, hopeless and downright devastated by this week’s Game of Thrones (where Kristian Nairn’s simple servant Hodor was dispatched by wights while helping his friends escape), then you’ll be pleased to know that series showrunners David Benioff and DB Weiss have offered a sincere apology – thought it may not be for the reason you’d hope.


No, instead this new video from Jimmy Kimmel shows the (apparently super-wealthy and murderous) producers saying sorry for revealing that Hodor is short for “Hold the Door”, which they speculate will lead to a lot of annoying people using it as a shorthand when rushing to catch the lift.

We’re betting if Bran knew the low-level social irritations this would cause, he would never have warged into past-Hodor and fried his brain with that command. It’s just not worth it.


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