Game of Thrones actress responds to being recast by begging for princess jobs on the street

Aimee Richardson's role as Princess Myrcella has been recast - and she's sad

How would you react to being replaced in your job? Probably not as well as Aimee Richardson, whose role as Princess Myrcella Baratheon in Game of Thrones was recast earlier this week, replacing her in series five with Nell Tiger Free.


Princess Myrcella, the middle child between Lannister siblings Tommen and Joffrey, was shipped off to Dorne in season two. What with the next series travelling to the home of the Red Viper, however, we’ll be catching up once again with Cersei’s daughter – but not with Richardson.

Understandably, the actress isn’t feeling too great about being out of a job, and has resorted to desperate measures – including, as one hilarious Vine shows, taking to the street to beg for more princess work.

She hasn’t stopped there, however. She also joined in solidarity with the fictional Arienne Martell, a Dornish princess who appears in George RR Martin’s original books but seems to be missing from the TV series. Richardson tweeted an invite to any other rejected princess, asking them to email

Richardson is not the first Game of Thrones character to be recast – and probably won’t be the last. The show has previously brought in new actors in such major roles as Prince Tommen, Dario Naharis and big ol’ baddie the Mountain (three times). The reason for Myrcella’s specific recasting, however, is unknown.


It’s a shame, though. I mean, just check out her reaction to the Purple Wedding…