Zawe Ashton made her mark as the rather vocal Vod in the Channel 4 series Fresh Meat but it was a long road to Manchester Medlock University.


From bit parts in The Bill, Casualty and Holby City to a stint in the unaired Sherlock pilot, and a few sessions with Rebecca Front in Sky Arts' Psychobitches, Ashton has certainly earned her TV stripes.

As she takes the lead in new Channel 4 comedy drama Not Safe For Work, here's a look back at her career to date...

Not Safe For Work (2015)

Ashton plays accomplished policy advisor Katherine who's reluctantly had to move from Whitehall to Northampton because of public spending cuts. She's passionate about her work and uses it as a way to escape the traumatic collapse of her marriage.

Stop Cutting Our Girls: a Comic Relief Special (2015)

The actress showed her serious side when she presented a BBC3 documentary about female genital mutilation for Comic Relief earlier this year.

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Fresh Meat (2011 – present)

Her role as literature student and former Forces child Vod is probably the one for which Ashton is best known. Don't be fooled by her tough exterior – there's more to this girl than meets the eye.

Doctor Who (2014)

Ashton landed a guest spot on Doctor Who in 2014, playing a lieutenant in the Combined Galactic Resistance, which fought against the Daleks. She met 12th Doctor Peter Capaldi when the Tardis materialised around her.

Psychobitches (2013–2014)

Ashton found herself sitting on Rebecca Front's psychologist's couch on Sky Arts twice – once as Egyptian Queen Nefertiti and on another occasion as legendary singer Eartha Kitt.

Case Histories (2011–2013)

Ashton joined Jason Isaacs in the BBC2 drama playing his character Jackson's flamboyant but brilliant assistant, Deborah Arnold.

Lapland (2011)

Anyone for a bit of Christmas cheer? Zawe starred as the upbeat holiday rep Jingle Jill in the TV movie that gave birth to BBC series Being Eileen.

Sherlock pilot (2010)

Are you familiar with Sherlock's Sgt. Sally Donovan? Ashton played her in the pilot for the hit BBC drama, which never aired. The role was recast with Vinette Robinson (above) taking the part of the Scotland Yard detective.

Misfits (2010)

Iwan Rheon's Simon was completely under Jessica's spell in Misfits...

Science In Action (?)

Zawe started young, cutting her teeth on telly in BBC children's educational series Science in Action:


Not Safe For Work airs on Channel 4 on Tuesday nights at 10pm from June 29th