Forget the waxwork, here’s a SANDCASTLE of Benedict Cumberbatch

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson appear at this year's book-themed sand festival at Sandworld, Weymouth

That’s right, a sandcastle. While you wait for Benedict Cumberbatch to be immortalised in wax, you can pay homage to his likeness recreated with sand.


Holmes and Watson have been modelled against a London skyline, created using mere grains by some of the world’s best sand sculptors at the annual Sandworld Festival. 

But that’s not all… Before any Doctor Who fans get a bee in their bonnets, fear not. Matt Smith, his Tardis and his foes have already had their fair share of “sand treatment”, featured as part of last year’s sand season at Sandworld, Weymouth.


This year’s festival – themed around books and authors – runs from 4 April to 2 November.