Flashmob ensures Sherlock vibe is Stayin’ Alive in Russia

Ever wanted to see Sherlock get his groove on? Now's your chance

A flashmob of dancers has taken to the streets of Russia to celebrate BBC1’s top detective drama, Sherlock.


Sure, we’re stuck waiting for news of the next series. Benedict Cumberbatch, Martin Freeman and those New Year episodes already feel like a distant memory. But that just leaves more time for dancing, right?

Two fans can be seen dressed as Sherlock and Dr John Watson respectively, not just acting out scenes from the popular drama, but joining in the energetic dance routines, too. 

If you can’t speak Russian, worry not. Eagle-eyed fans will still spot a lady in pink scuttle through the scene, as well as enjoy Irene Adler’s turn on the temporary dance floor. The language of Sherlock needs no translation. 

Everyone is wearing their ‘I Am Sherlocked’ t-shirts and even bust out some moves to Staying Alive, baddie Moriarty’s now infamous ringtone. 

Check it out here: