Everybody thought they had spotted the twist in Line of Duty series 4 episode 2

But DCI Roz Huntley was too sharp even for us


Line of Duty series 4 took another devious twist – but not quite in the way we were expecting.


In episode two of Line of Duty, DCI Roz Huntley overhears a forensics officer bagging up a key piece of evidence, writing out the reference number KRG-13.


The only thing is, Huntley thought she heard KRG-30, as we saw her write the number down on her hand to remember.


She later attempted to tamper with the evidence in order to conceal her involvement in the murder of Tim Ifield – but viewers had spotted the slip-up.

Even the series’ star Thandie Newton was shouting at the screen watching back home…

However, just when we thought we knew how this was going to end, Line of Duty caught us off guard again. Huntley spotted her error when she switched the evidence bags with the vital blood samples, and hastily scribbled a correction.


It was enough to put both the murder investigation and AC-12 off the scent – but for how long?

Viewers think this last-minute switcheroo still might come back to haunt her.

Even if not everyone’s entirely sure the little fridge scene is ENTIRELY accurate…


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Line of Duty series 4 episode 2

This article was originally published in April 2017