“Epic” new Game of Thrones battle set to out-do last season’s Battle of the Bastards

The mind boggles, but cast member Emilia Clarke has read the script for series 7 and says it tops the clash between Jon Snow and Ramsay Bolton


Gird your loins Game of Thrones fans because there’s a battle scene coming that’s set to blow series six out of the water.


It seems so unlikely – after the Battle of the Bastards, what could possibly come next? But GoT is nothing if not full of surprises and actress Emilia Clarke – aka Daenerys Targaryen – insists they’ve “topped it”.

“Last season’s battle was ridiculous, but this season is like off the ‘shiznay’ – there’s another battle that’s epic,” Clarke told TVLine.


She’s read the whole script. “I know everything,” she grins.”It’s ridiculous – every single word is a spoiler, almost.”

“They topped it – and then again,” she promised.

Indeed, asked if she agreed with co-star Maisie Williams, who tweeted that this series is ‘off the hook’, Clarke gushed: “Oh my god, confirm, confirm, confirm.”

As for its later air date – summer 2017 rather than April – Clarke appears to understand the fan frustration but says, having read the script, it needs the extra time: “It’s going to take us a minute…” she teased.


Meanwhile, the show itself just won more Emmys than any other show ever. Just the 12 wins in one night…