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Élizabeth Bourgine responds to scary Death in Paradise trailer that shows Catherine in danger

What makes DI Neville Parker say "Catherine, oh no!" in the teaser for Death in Paradise's upcoming double bill?

Elizabeth Bourgine plays Catherine in Death in Paradise
Published: Saturday, 30th January 2021 at 1:07 pm

Élizabeth Bourgine has responded to a trailer for the next Death in Paradise episode, which appears to spell trouble for her character Catherine.


The teaser trailer, which aired at the end of episode four on Thursday night, teases the murder of a concert pianist (played by Adrian Schiller) and features guest stars including Lia Williams and Luke Bailey. It also shows a clip of Catherine saying: "There's something I know that might be of interest to the case."

But then, shockingly, we see a shot of a sinister figure apparently following Catherine home in the dark – followed by clips of Catherine at home looking scared, while the curtain billows out from the wide-open garden doors.

DI Neville Parker can be heard saying, "Catherine, oh no!" while ominous music plays.

Concerned about Catherine's safety and her future on the show, one fan wrote to Bourgine on Twitter: "We're worried after watching last night's trailer for ep 5. Our son said: 'They can't kill Catherine off!'"

But responding to the tweet, the star reassured fans that they shouldn't worry too much about whether Catherine will make it out of the episode alive.

"Tell your son that Catherine is a strong woman full of resources and not to worry for her," she wrote. "She will always make her way, and joyfully."

Bourgine is one of the only stars to have appeared in every series of Death in Paradise, making her debut in the show back in 2011, and has become something of a fan's favourite – with Catherine becoming the island's mayor in series 7.

Earlier this week, she teased that there were still many twists yet to come in the ongoing tenth-anniversary series, telling the Daily Express that fans "will love to be surprised by so many things in this season."

Elizabeth Bourgine as Catherine Bordey in Death in Paradise
Elizabeth Bourgine as Catherine Bordey in Death in Paradise (BBC)

What we know for sure is that the upcoming Death in Paradise double bill will see the high-profile return of Ben Miller as original detective DI Richard Poole for a cameo role, as well as Sara Martins as Poole’s former sergeant and Catherine's daughter, DS Camille Bordey.


And could whatever happens to Catherine in this episode be the reason why Camille returns home to the island...?

Death in Paradise’s two-part special will air on Thursday 4th and Friday 5th February on BBC One at 9pm. Visit our TV Guide to see what’s on tonight.

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