Downton Abbey: Lady Mary’s love life is about to get a lot more complicated

The eldest Crawley sister gets herself in a romantic pickle in Sunday's edition of the period drama...

After Lady Mary’s illicit Liverpool getaway with Lord Gillingham it seemed certain that she was about to finally make her choice and skip back down the aisle. But Charles Blake is back by Mary’s side in this week’s Downton Abbey.


When it comes to matters of the heart, though, nothing is certain – apart from the fact that Lady Mary’s love life is taking yet another complicated turn.

Last week saw Mary rolling around in bed with Gillingham to make sure he was the man she wanted to marry – only to decided that in fact he isn’t.   

This week, that decision comes to a head. And is made even worse when Mary comes face to face with Miss Lane Fox (who just happens to be Gillingham’s former fiance) when she turns up at an event on the arm of… Charles Blake.

Romantic troubles aren’t just confined to Lady Mary, either. Sunday’s episode will see sparks continue to fly between Cora and Simon Bricker while Edith receives news of her former lover Greigson, Violet arranges a meeting with her Russian Prince and Isobel has a game-changing visit from her admirer Lord Merton.

Cupid’s got his work cut out… 


Downton Abbey continues on Sunday at 9:15pm on ITV