Downton Abbey gets a blood-thirsty Itchy and Scratchy makeover

The Crawleys get out murderous teacups and umbrellas in a gory Simpsons spoof of the ITV period drama

Your favourite Downton Abbey characters have been given a Simpsons style makeover before, but it didn’t look quite like this…


Itchy and Scratchy, the gruesome and grisly cartoon adored by the children of fictional town Springfield, has paid a visit to, you guessed it, Downton Tabby.

The bloodthirsty animals star as the Crawleys and their servants, with Itchy playing all members of the aristocratic family and black cat Scratchy playing the staff.

The parody sees Itchy return from war and learn to walk again (a la Matthew Crawley) before he and the rest of his family begin killing their servants. Violet uses an umbrella to murder a character who could be Bates while a mouse who looks suspiciously like Edith kills a feline Anna with a teacup and saucer. It’s awfully violent.

Then, to add insult to injury, Robert rings a bell and more staff arrive to clear up the corpses.