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Does the new Game of Thrones trailer show the moment Jon Snow discovers his true parentage?

And will the R+L = J revelation drive the King in The North to murder?

Published: Thursday, 25th May 2017 at 10:00 am

The new trailer for Game of Thrones season seven promises plenty of action both on and off the battle field but there’s one particular scene that’s caught our eye and left us wondering if one of the show’s biggest secrets is about to be revealed?


A snippet at the one minute 16 second mark shows Jon launching himself at Littlefinger in front of the tomb of Lyanna Stark, who we all now know is definitely his mother thanks to that Tower of Joy flashback Bran had at the end of season six.

For those who aren’t aware, the theory is that Lyanna was in love with Daenerys Targaryen’s older brother, Rhaegar, and bore him a son before her betrothed, Robert Baratheon, launched an attack on King’s Landing.

He believed Lyanna had been kidnapped by the prince and heir to the Iron Throne – who already had a wife – and so he launched an offensive known as Robert’s Rebellion to try and save her.

In the process, every single member of the Targaryen family with a claim to the throne was killed – bar Daenerys (who hadn’t been born yet) and her older brother, Viserys.

That makes Daenerys Jon’s aunt, and Jon, as the only remaining child of her older brother Rhaegar, the ‘true’ heir to the Iron Throne.

So what’s any of this got to do with the trailer then? Well, it’s all linked to Lyanna Stark, isn’t it? And it’s in front of her statue that Jon and Littlefinger have their scuffle.

Coincidence? Or a sign that Jon’s about to learn something that makes him very, very, very angry indeed?

Littlefinger does seem to know a LOT about the Starks. And in season five he told Sansa he knew more about her aunt Lyanna than everyone thought he did.

Could he be aware of Jon’s true parentage? Will he reveal all when season seven finally airs? And will Jon choke the living daylights out of him as a result?


Game of Thrones Season 7 premieres exclusively on 17 July on Sky Atlantic and NOW TV at 2am, repeated at 9pm on the same day


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