Longtime viewers of Netflix thriller Money Heist have learnt that it isn't always wise to get attached to their favourite robbers, as several have met violent deaths over the course of the past five seasons.


Denver (Jaime Lorente) quickly became one of the most popular members of the Salvador Dalí gang, displaying a caring side when he secretly helped save the life of hostage Monica Gaztambide (Esther Acebo).

The two eventually became an item, with Denver proving to be a much more caring partner for Monica than the self-obsessed Arturo Roman, although there was some initial concern that she could have been suffering from Stockholm Syndrome.

Now a full-fledged member of the gang, Monica goes by the name Stockholm in reference to the condition, but she and Denver's relationship has been under heavy strain during the chaotic Bank of Spain heist.

The couple are raising a son on the outside world and so both are desperate to make it out alive, but with threats both outside and within the bank, it won't be easy for either of them.

Read on to find out Denver's fate in Money Heist season five part one (spoilers follow).

Does Denver die in Money Heist?

In the opening episodes of Money Heist season five, part one, it looks as if time might be running out for Denver as he faces a barrage of bullets from his nemesis, Arturo.

Arturo manages to take hold of the gang's armoury, defending the position with an arsenal that includes a flamethrower, grenades and heavy duty machine guns.

Denver and his childhood friend Manila are taking cover behind a wall adjacent to the armoury corridor as they attempt to figure out a way around the attack.

However, Arturo is able to use Denver's hot-headedness against him, riling him up by claiming that Stockholm still only has eyes for him (for more on Arturo and Stockholm's affair, check out our complete Money Heist recap).

Money Heist season 5 – Denver and Manila
Manila attempts to keep Denver calm amid Arturo's taunting. Netflix

Arturo wants Denver to come charging at him as he knows he will easily be able to gun him down, and Manila is terrified to see her cherished friend make that fateful mistake.

Denver runs out firing his fun at Arturo, who unleashes his flamethrower in return.

Fortunately, Manila is able to drag Denver back behind the cover with mere moments to spare before he would have been toast (literally), reminding him to stay calm and stick to the plan.

Denver gets in hot water once again later in the season when he is trapped in the Bank of Spain kitchen with Sagasta's squad closing in around him, but is able to escape down a catering lift shaft.

Ultimately, another member of the team is killed in that kitchen – for more on that, check out our breakdown of the Money Heist season five part one ending.

Money Heist season 5 part 1 is available to stream on Netflix – read our guides to the best series on Netflix and the best movies on Netflix.


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