Designated Survivor fans left in limbo as cancelled show ends final season on massive cliffhanger

Kiefer Sutherland's Tom Kirkman dropped a bombshell – and now there might never be a conclusion

(Netflix, JG)

It really looked like Designated Survivor was getting a third season.


Just last month, Kiefer Sutherland told that the next run would focus on a re-election campaign for accidental President Tom Kirkman, but then came the news that the show had been cancelled.

Last night, the second season of Designated Survivor came to an end and aired what could be its final ever episode. And everything was left on an almighty cliffhanger.

It transpired that Tom Kirkman was going to run for re-election – but this time as an independent candidate. Eek!

Fans of the show were left incandescent that the show had ended, potentially for good, without being resolved.


So what of the show’s future? So far, we’ve heard Netflix are sniffing around but there’s been no word on whether the streaming service (which airs Designated Survivor in the UK) or any other broadcaster wants to pick the show up from ABC, so for now we’ll just have to watch this space.