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Deep Water viewers confused as they pick apart plot hole

The drama, which stars Anna Friel, Rosalind Eleazar and Sinead Keenan left many scratching their heads

Published: Thursday, 15th August 2019 at 11:03 am

Viewers of ITV drama Deep Water were left confused by a particular plot hole in the first episode.


The series premiere introduced us to Lisa (Anna Friel), Kate (Rosalind Eleazar) and Roz (Sinead Keenan), three mothers in their thirties in the Lake District trying to do their best for their families, but facing "tough choices with difficult and often messy repercussions."

Towards the end of the episode, Lisa makes a decision to bunk off school with her daughter, forgetting that she had organised to pick up Kate's daughter Lucinda for a sleepover. It then transpires that Lucinda has gone missing, having apparently attempted to walk home from school alone.

Many viewers were confused by the fact that Lucinda didn't make any attempt to contact her friends or family using her mobile phone after she realised that no one was coming to pick her up.

"The forgotten child would have surely rang her mate or assumed no sleepover as she was off school sick?" Sarah Partington tweeted. She wasn't alone in pondering this particular plot hole.

Others complained about the accents and an intimate scene between Friel and Steve Toussaint's Adam. 

But it wasn't enough to turn everyone off...

"Unrealistic characters, cringey sex, weird plot but I liked it and I'll be back next week," @LouMartin15 wrote.


Deep Water is on ITV, 9pm, 21st August


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