Episode four guest stars

Robert Portal plays Benedict Dacre

Robert Portal plays Benedict in Death in Paradise

Who is Benedict? The wealthy owner of a coffee plantation on Saint Marie. He has a reputation for cruelty and bullying behaviour towards his family and employees alike, but is newly married to a young and pretty American wife. Benedict is also a creature of habit, which backfires when he's killed while reading on the porch with his customary brandy and cigar.


What else has Robert Portal been in? A prolific character actor, Robert Portal has appeared in films and TV shows including Collateral (as Major Tim Dyson), Goodbye Christopher Robin (as Headmaster), The Huntsman: Winter's War (as King), The King's Speech (as Equerry) and Endeavour (as Major Coward).

Anna Chancellor plays Ciss Dacre

Anna Chancellor plays Ciss in Death in Paradise

Who is Ciss? Benedict's sister. She is upset by his plans to sell the family plantation and pocket all the money. Ciss has a grown-up son, Owen, but otherwise doesn't get on with her new sister-in-law Ricki or her niece Ruth.

What else has Anna Chancellor been in? The Bafta and Olivier-nominated actress has recently starred as Penelope Kittson in the TV series Trust, and as Rachel Argyll in Agatha Christie's Ordeal by Innocence. Her other credits include New Blood, Shetland, Pramface, and The Hour.

Susy Kane plays Ricki

Susy Kane plays Ricki in Death in Paradise

Who is Ricki? Benedict's newlywed wife. Young, American and brash, she doesn't really get on with Ciss or Owen.

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What else has Susy Kane been in? The English actress has recently put in appearances in Stan & Ollie, The Coroner, and The Windsors. She is also a singer and a comedy writer, writing material for TV series including Harry Enfield and Paul Whitehouse's BBC show Harry and Paul.

Margaret Clunie plays Ruth

Margaret Clunie plays Ruth in Death in Paradise

Who is Ruth? Benedict's daughter from an earlier marriage. She is a social media addict who is always clutching her phone.

What else has Margaret Clunie been in? Victoria fans will recognise her as Harriet, Duchess of Sutherland – Prince Ernst's love interest and the Queen's right-hand woman. She's also made appearances in Patrick Melrose, Endeavour, and Upstart Crow.

Sara Powell plays Josephine

Sara Powell plays Josephine in Death in Paradise

Who is Josephine? The housekeeper. She has been loyal to this family for years, and lives on a bungalow on their property.

What else has Sara Powell been in? You may have seen her in Unforgotten, where she played the Arbiter, or in Damned as the character Cass. Other recent TV shows include Silent Witness, Little Box Blue (as policewoman Pat Gallan), and Midsomer Murders, but she has also previously appeared in You Me and the Apocalypse, Holby Blue, and the 1998 adaptation of Vanity Fair.

Louis Greatorex plays Owen

Louis Greatorex plays Owen in Death in Paradise

Who is Owen? The grown-up son of Ciss. He works on the plantation and, even though he hates the toxic family home, has great ambitions about what could be done with the business.

What else has Louis Greatorex been in? The young actor plays Henry Mason in the Netflix series Safe, and is also Paul Stoneham in The Last Post. He starred as Lawrence in Last Tango in Halifax.

Episode three guest stars

Kimberley Nixon plays Catrina

Kimberley Nixon plays Catrina in Death in Paradise

Who is Catrina? The bubbly and enthusiastic presenter of TV travel show Hotspots, currently filming an episode in Saint Marie.

What else has Kimberley Nixon been in? The actress starred as Jodie in Fresh Meat, and also played Alison White in New Blood. Her other credits include Outlander (as Millie Nelson), Ordinary Lies, Critical, Hebburn, and Cranford.

Kevin Doyle plays Terry

Kevin Doyle plays Terry in Death in Paradise

Who is Terry? Hotspots' sound guy. The rest of the crew find him boring and roll their eyes when he complains, but he has developed a friendship with Catrina over the years they have all been filming together.

What else has Kevin Doyle been in? Downton Abbey fans will recognise him as Joseph Molesley, a role he's set to reprise in the upcoming movie. He has also played John Wadsworth in Happy Valley, Lt Col Roland Brett in The Crimson Field, and the Chairman in Sheridan Smith TV movie Care.

Ron Cook plays Bill

Ron Cook plays Bill in Death in Paradise

Who is Bill? The director of Hotspots and owner of his own production company. He is competitive and ruthless, and makes his cast and crew work extremely hard – though he'll treat them to beers at the end of the day to keep them sweet.

What else has Ron Cook been in? He recently made a memorable guest appearance as the gruesome hair and teeth dealer in Les Misérables. Other recent roles include Commissar Gadlem in The City and the City, Mr Crabb in Mr Selfridge and George Merchant in Hot Fuzz.

Olivia Poulet plays Pippa

Olivia Poulet plays Pippa in Death in Paradise

Who is Pippa? For years, Pippa has worked behind the scenes on Hotspots, producing the TV show.

What else has Olivia Poulet been in? She stared alongside Robert Webb and David Mitchell in the TV series Back, and played Abigail Tate in Holby City. Other credits include The Thick of It (where she played Emma Messinger) and In the Loop (as Suzy).

Navin Chowdhry plays Andy in Death in Paradise

Who is Andy? Hotspots camera guy Andy is married with kids, but spends most of his time travelling for work.


What else has Navin Chowdhry been in? You may have seen him in The End of the F***ing World (as Tony), The Replacement (as Kieran), Next of Kin (Kareem Shirani), Our Girl (as Inspector Chowdhrey) or Doctor Foster (as Anwar). He also recently made a brief appearance in Star Wars: The Last Jedi as a Resistance pilot.