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Channel 4 viewers call Deadwater Fell finale a 'brave' and 'difficult watch'

Audiences took to Twitter to give their thoughts on the ending of the David Tennant drama **SPOILERS FOR DEADWATER FELL FINALE**

David Tennant in Deadwater Fell
Channel 4
Published: Saturday, 1st February 2020 at 12:33 pm

Deadwater Fell aired its final episode last night, bringing an end to a month of speculation over the show's central mystery.


The series stars David Tennant as Tom Kendrick, a local GP in a small Scottish village whose family perishes in a terrible fire that leaves him as the only survivor.

When evidence emerges the tragedy was no accident, he becomes the subject of suspicion from police and former friends.

After weeks of guessing and speculation that the show could have a surprise ending, the final episode revealed that Tom did indeed commit the murders, having been the obvious suspect from day one.

Audiences praised the show for not forcing a nonsensical twist in the last act, as well as for bringing attention to hard-hitting topics like domestic abuse and coercive control.

One user wrote that viewers disappointed by Deadwater Fell's ending are "missing the point" of its main themes.

In the first episode, Deadwater Fell presents the relationship between Tom (Tennant) and his wife Kate (Anna Madeley) as healthy and loving, but over the course of the series we discover he treated her appallingly.

Their marriage became toxic as he frequently found ways to humiliate her and damage her psychological health, an awful situation that is sadly a prominent issue in the world, as many viewers have brought up on Twitter.


Deadwater Fell is now available to stream on All 4


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