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David Lynch eats a donut and has a good old think in enigmatic new Twin Peaks trailer

What do we learn? Not much

Published: Monday, 19th December 2016 at 11:20 am

Showtime have released a video of David Lynch eating a glazed donut and looking very, very pensive. It is, of course, the new Twin Peaks trailer.


It suggests that director Lynch, who writes the drama, could be reprising his cameo role as FBI agent Gordon Cole in the third series of Twin Peaks, which is due next year after a 16 year hiatus.

The typically enigmatic clip is accompanied by the original, critically-acclaimed soundtrack composed by Angelo Badalamenti. Nothing, however, is revealed about the upcoming show’s plot.

A similarly baffling promo was released in October, where actors involved in the new series – including original stars Kyle MacLachlan, Miguel Ferrer and Kimmy Robertson – talked about their experience of making the show.

Miguel Ferrer, who played Alberr Rosenfield, said: "It's a big cast, it's a big story, big things happen." He’s right about the big cast – 217 people, to be precise.

New additions include Michael Cera, Laura Dern, Jennifer Jason Leigh, Tim Roth, Amanda Seyfried and Naomi Watts.

David Bowie was set to make a cameo appearance as FBI Agent Phillip Jeffries, but died before filming.

The new season has reportedly been shot as one long, continuous film and will be cut into episodes during post-production.


It doesn’t yet have a release date more specific than “2017”.


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