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Cold Feet series 7 finale recap: Truth is out for Adam, Tina and the other Feeters

Vows are declared and decisions made as the series comes to a close – but will there be another series for the beloved gang?

Published: Friday, 13th April 2018 at 1:44 pm

“We might find out that we can’t bear to be apart,” said Tina as she and Adam called time on their relationship after the last visit of the series to the Cold Feet gang.


In the end it wasn’t just his infidelity with work colleague Sarah that was the deciding factor. It was his failure to deny that he had feelings for her.

But at least Adam was at least honest as he walked sorrowfully away, alone, with Badly Drawn Boy busking the streets of Manchester ringing in the background.

Yes, it was a sombre farewell, but there were some upsides.

There was a jolly outing for Pete's old people's home residents - a trip around a lake where many of them enjoyed their youth.

David was avoiding Nikki on the trip - Nikki’s husband George’s threats to maim David’s two daughters putting something of a dampener on their burgeoning relationship. But Nikki stepped in, threatened to tell their children about George’s wife-beating ways if he didn't back off, securing both a decent divorce pay off and David himself.

Whether David really is the prize she really wants remains to be seen – his attempts to sort things out with a hand gun ended in farce. Likeable as he ultimately is, David does have a propensity for doing stupid things.

And Karen seemed to have settled things with her boyfriend from the bookshop - the bibliophilic builder whose use of the word "critique" convinced Jenny that he was super smart. He had lied to Karen (about having children), but their partnership seemed to survive a rather awkward lunch where Karen's wistful gaze at the wine list seemed to remind her that everybody has their weaknesses. He explained that he wasn't looking for a replacement Mum and wanted to get to know her independently.

The cheeriest news was the reunion of Peter and Jenny, with John Thomson and Fay Ripley’s characters managing to stumble past the black cloud that has hovered over them all series to renew their vows, in a moving – and amusing – set-piece ceremony at the close. But as one couple put the fasteners on their marriage, Tina and Adam's romance fizzled out. If we do see the Feeters again I wouldn't bet on her making another appearance.

In a way this could make a decent if slightly unsatisfying climax. Most ends were tied up, but by no means all of them.

When Peter and Jenny’s son Adam was beaten up, the whole gang congregated in the hospital, differences seemingly put aside. We saw a new generation ready to take up the mantle, but also unfinished business with the main characters – not least Adam, who still needs to find his new Rachel.

Writer Mike Bullen is clearly leaving the way open for more episodes. But this series hasn't performed as well as last year, trundling around the three million viewer mark, and so far there is no word from ITV about whether there will be another run.


If that’s it… well, it would be a bittersweet way to say goodbye.


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