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Never mind Adam – people are really upset about the fate of Betsy the cat in Cheat

"Oh no for the love of god not Betsy!" – this article contains SPOILERS for Cheat episode one

Katherine Kelly and Molly Windsor in Cheat on ITV
Published: Tuesday, 12th March 2019 at 9:08 am

Viewers of ITV’s Cheat are devastated about the death of Betsy the cat.


The psychological thriller tells the story of a feud between university professor Leah (Katherine Kelly) and her student Rose (Molly Windsor).

In the first episode, we discovered that the row between the pair, which starts out with an accusation of cheating in an essay, ultimately leads to fatal consequences for Leah’s husband Adam, who in a flash-forward is seen lying dead in a mortuary.

But it’s not Adam that viewers are grieving for: it’s actually the couple’s cat.

After Rose visits Adam and Leah’s house in the middle of the night, their beloved cat mysteriously goes missing and is eventually found dead outside the house, missing its collar. The assumption is that Rose killed the cat.

Viewers went through many stages of grief following the revelation.




RIP Betsy.


Cheat continues on Tuesday night at 9pm on ITV


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