Charlie Brooker’s dystopian drama series Black Mirror could be coming back to Channel 4 as early as this year, can reveal.


Channel 4’s head of comedy Phil Clarke said that he was hoping to have a single Black Mirror film on air this year with the hope for three more next year.

“That is definitely the hope though of course a lot depends on whether Charlie Brooker finds the time to do them,” Clarke said in an exclusive interview with "Charlie is in massive demand."

The anthology show, which is made by the comedy department despite the darkness of tone and content, premiered in 2011 and has already aired two series of three episodes each. Brooker has written most of them (and one with his wife, Kanak Huq), including all the episodes of series two, but the episode The Entire History of You from series one was written by Peep Show writer Jesse Armstrong.

All episodes explore the dark and troubling side of technology and are self-contained stories with completely different casts.

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In series one, the first story was called The National Anthem and concerned a fictional Prime Minister played by Rory Kinnear who was forced to have sex with a pig in order to save a (also fictional) member of the royal family.

In series two, the episode Be Right Back saw Hayley Attwell play a grieving girlfriend who buys a robot to replace her partner who was killed in a car accident.

Last month Brooker said he was wanting to make more Black Mirror, but was unable to be specific.

"There will be more – I don’t think I’m allowed to say quite when,’ he told Lauren Laverne on her BBC Radio 6Music show.

“There’s going to be some and then there’s going to be some more – you’ll get one helping and then there’ll be another helping.”

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