Channel 4’s Humans series 3 begins filming

Humans 3.0 is loading, with Gemma Chan and Emily Berrington returning


Boot up your synths: filming has commenced on Channel 4 and AMC drama Humans (or HUM∀NS, as the show insists).


Creator Sam Vincent announced the news this morning on Twitter, saying that the new series – expected to air in 2018 – would be the “biggest, boldest series yet”.

So what can we expect from Humans 3.0? Not much is known about how the tale of robots developing consciousness and humanity will go. However, we saw at the end of series 2 – SPOILERS BOOTING – that all of the planet’s synths have gained free will.

Emily Berrington, who plays badass synth Niska, has revealed on Instagram that she’s returning to the show.

Sunday ? #Humans3 . (Looks great but just grabbed the candle instead of the coffee and burned my hand)

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As has Gemma Chan (Anita/Mia), who’ll once again be sporting the same hairstyle as in previous series – if that interests you at all.

TIME FOR THAT ANITA CUT ?? @cwhairsalons @katiecat_hair #humans #humansamc #season3

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However, Chan is very lucky to be sporting that haircut again, with the show’s third series previously in doubt. Although the first ever episode of the show broke a C4 drama record by pulling in 6.81 million viewers, the finale of the second series only reached 2.2m. But hey, to err is human and hopefully the third series will return to form without a glitch.


Humans will return to Channel 4