All signs are pointing towards an impending tragedy set to occur within the walls of Nonnatus House, with tonight's episode of Call the Midwife including an ominous warning to Sister Monica Joan (Judy Parfitt).


When a raven gets into the nunnery at the start of the episode, she interprets it as a worrying "message" to the sisters which plays on her mind long after Fred catches the bird and sends it back outside.

Desperate for answers, she seeks out local woman Dulcie Greenhalgh (Frances Tomelty), who she believes is gifted with an ability to see the future.

However, she is initially uninterested in helping Sister Monica, saying she no longer listens to the three spirits that "never leave" her, adding that she is tired of having the "curse" of being a clairvoyant.

We soon find out exactly why Mrs Greenhalgh feels this way when she shares a sad story about how her talent got her accused of fraud and ultimately led her family to disown her.

This bleak series of events has caused her to stop taking care of herself, allowing a rodent ulcer to go untreated and worsen, while being resistant to any suggestion of getting it treated.

In the end, it is the return of her estranged son that finally compels her to accept medical attention, with the successful treatment opening her mind to listening to the spirits once more.

As a thank you, she offers to give Sister Monica the reading she had requested, but is deeply troubled by what she senses – to such an extent that she almost can't bring herself to share it.

“I felt something, something unfortunate that will happen here, at Nonnatus House," says Mrs Greenhalgh, who doesn't go into any more detail about exactly what the event might be.

The Call the Midwife cast have been teasing that season 11 will include a shocking event that will provide a serious story shake-up and affect the life of every character on the show.

“It's big, it's brilliant and it is a real challenge," said Stephen McGann, who plays Dr Patrick Turner, about the mystery storyline. “And I think for people who watch the show, I think it's a departure. It's different. It's ambitious.

"Everybody, in their way, is affected by it. Everyone comes into it. It smashes. It’s great. And it shows us again going on and on with this thing and finding new things to tell."


Call the Midwife continues on BBC One at 8pm on Sunday 13th February. Check out more of our Drama coverage or visit our TV Guide to see what's on tonight.