For our third Call the Midwife Unite watchalong, we're winding the clock right back to series two, episode eight. At 8pm on Wednesday 15th April 2020, we're asking fans to press "play" on this much-loved episode, before heading to the Call the Midwife Facebook page for a live aftershow hosted by


But before you watch the episode, you might want a bit of a refresher! We've answered some key questions about what's happened so far in some of the key storylines you'll see on screen...

Why is Sister Bernadette in a sanatorium?

CAll the Midwife Siser Bernadette

During episode six of the series, as she and Dr Turner tackled a tuberculosis outbreak in Poplar, Sister Bernadette (Laura Main) agreed to undergo a chest X-ray to reassure a little girl that she had nothing to fear. But to her surprise and dismay, she was diagnosed with TB herself.

Since then, she's been recuperating at a specialist medical facility. Now, in episode eight, it's time for her to go home... but where will 'home' be?

What is Sister Bernadette's relationship with Dr Turner?

In this episode, the romance storyline between Sister Bernadette and Dr Patrick Turner (Stephen McGann) reaches new heights – but it's been building for a long time.

Of course, there has been a significant barrier to their relationship so far, what with Sister Bernadette being a nun. Nuns have to be chaste, and they definitely can't go around falling in love with (or marrying) local doctors. But now, Sister Bernadette (aka Shelagh) is torn about whether to renounce her vows and follow her faith in a new way.

The first hint of Sister Bernadette's feelings towards Dr Turner came in series one, when she secretly fixed the missing button on his lab coat for him.

But over the course of series two, we saw their love for each other grow more and more: there was the time they shared a cigarette (and a charged moment) together after a difficult birth, and the time Dr Turner kissed Sister Bernadette's wounded hand and made his feelings clear.

And during the nun's stay in the sanatorium with TB, Dr Turner wrote a ton of letters which went unanswered while she decided what to do next.

Shelagh Patrick - Call the Midwife

What happened to Dr Turner's first wife?

Dr Turner is a widower. He seems to have enjoyed a happy marriage with his first wife, Marianne, and has been alone since her death. They had one son, young Timothy Turner (Max Macmillan).

Who is Jimmy – and what is his relationship with Jenny?

We first met Jimmy Wilson (George Rainsford) when he was introduced as a childhood friend and former flame of Jenny Lee (Jessica Raine). He clearly had feelings for her, and she for him – but then he managed to get his girlfriend Francine pregnant, and felt bound to marry her, so that was the end of that.

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In the following episode, Jenny again encountered Jimmy – this time in hospital, where he was seriously ill. She was able to save his life after a surgeon's misdiagnosis.

Now he's back, this time with his friend Alec Jesmond (Leo Starr).

Call the Midwife Jenny and Jimmy

What's the deal with Chummy's mum?

Chummy Noakes (Miranda Hart), whose birth name was "Camilla Fortescue-Cholmeley-Browne", spent a loveless childhood in boarding schools. She comes from a wealthy family with aristocratic roots, and her mother Lady Browne (Cheryl Campbell) has never been an affectionate or supportive figure in her life.

Lady Browne did not approve of Chummy's decision to become a midwife, and she definitely did not approve of her decision to marry PC Peter Noakes (Ben Caplan). Now Chummy is heavily pregnant, she's pretty sad that her own mother is so uninterested in being part of her life.

What happened to Fred's first wife?

Call the Midwife – Fred Buckle

Fred Buckle (Cliff Parisi) was happily married before the Second World War and had two little daughters, Marlene and Dolly, with his wife Betty Buckle.

But after the outbreak of war, Fred joined the army – which meant he was abroad when the Buckle family home was bombed during the Blitz. Betty was killed. For the next couple of years, his daughters were shuffled around from relative to relative until he was able to return home.

Marlene later grew up and relocated to Canada, while Dolly – who we meet in this episode – married a merchant tailor and had a son, Anthony. Dolly Smart (Ella Smith) is now pregnant again, and has driven all the way to Poplar to visit her darling dad.


Call the Midwife: Unite continues tonight (Wednesday, 15th April) with series two, episode eight at 8pm