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Broadchurch: who are the suspects?

Five episodes in and Miller and Hardy are building up a picture of the attacker...

Published: Friday, 22nd December 2017 at 10:07 am

Jim Atwood (played by Mark Bazeley)


Cheating Jim slept with Trish on the morning of the party, a story corroborated by the woman herself, which explained why his DNA was found on her body. (And if he thought his wife would be furious, he probably didn’t bank on the violent comeuppance meted out by Trish's biggest fan Ed Burnett.)

But, crucially, Cath claims that he was nowhere to be seen during the last two hours of her party. Now, there's no love lost between the pair (even before Cath found out about Trish) so there’s a possibility she is seeking revenge on her adulterous spouse. But Jim has since admitted to having it away with a waitress in the woods during the party – or at least he tried to before she stopped him from finishing the act. A horny Jim wandering around the woods – did he come across vulnerable Trish?

And could he have been behind the other two attacks? Cath has confirmed he was home alone over both dates and it was a breakdown service that Nira called before she was assaulted in a field after abandoning her car.

Jim was also spotted (albeit by Lucas) having a heated discussion with Trish, he has a supply of fisherman's twin, a stash of condoms in his car's glovebox – a make that matched the wrapper retrieved at the scene of the crime – and is one of many possible owners of the football sock which is going to crack the case.

All the maths adds up – but is that a reason to assume his innocence? After all, when has a whodunit ever been spelled out so clearly before the big reveal?


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