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Broadchurch: where we left the characters at the end of series two

It's been three years since last we saw the residents of Broadchurch, so here's a reminder of their stories so far...

Published: Friday, 5th October 2018 at 9:37 am

It's been two years since David Tennant's DI Alec Hardy hopped into the back of a taxi and left Broadchurch after Joe Miller walked free from his trial for the murder of Danny Latimer.


In Broadchurch time, that's THREE years, apparently, as Chris Chibnall brings his acclaimed mystery drama to a conclusion in the third and final series.

There's a brand new mystery for Hardy and Olivia Colman's DS Ellie Miller to solve, but before we dive straight back in for our last helping, there's time for a quick look back at what the townsfolk were up to when last we saw them by those cliffs on Broadchurch beach...

DI Alec Hardy - David Tennant


Hard-nosed Hardy couldn’t resist trying to secretly solve the Sandbrook case that haunted him throughout series one, and solve it he did, despite being signed off on sick leave and teaching at the police college. The former Broadchurch Police Inspector managed to get justice for Pippa and Lisa by locking up Claire, Lee and Ricky, but he couldn’t do the same for Danny Latimer unfortunately as Joe Miller walked free.

He did manage to finally sort out his health issues, though, and made up some ground with ex-wife Tess and daughter Daisy.

The series finale saw him sloping off in a taxi as the driver asked “where to?” and we assume we’ll get an answer as he returns to the seaside town (and that ridiculously nice beach hut house of his) to join forces with crime-solving partner and former chauffeur Miller (he wasn’t allowed to drive last time around, remember?) and catch the sexual predator who’s attacked a local woman.

DS Ellie Miller - Olivia Colman


Local policewoman Ellie went through the mill in series two, having been demoted to traffic duty while her husband stood trial for the murder of her best friend’s son. Her series one beating of her beloved Joe ruled his confession inadmissible, throwing the trial into chaos and obliterating her friendship with Beth Latimer. And to add insult to injury, she was accused of having it off with Hardy in front of the whole town.

While helping her superior solve the Sandbrook case, the now-single mum struggled to deal with her tempestuous son Tom, who moved himself out of the house when he felt nobody was speaking up for his murderer father in court, and journalist nephew Olly’s need to live-blog every mortifying minute of the proceedings. Miller was on flying form as she finally ordered her son home.


And despite suffering a blow when Joe walked free, she ended the series on a high, reconciling with pal Beth and threatening to kill her husband and face the consequences for it should he ever try and contact the family again. That’s the Miller we’re hoping to meet when she reunites with Hardy to solve yet another Broadchurch crime.


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