Broadchurch star Jodie Whittaker leads the cast of new BBC thriller Trust Me

The drama, set and filmed in Scotland, will also star the Inbetweeners' Blake Harrison


Broadchurch actress Jodie Whittaker will star in new BBC1 psychological thriller Trust Me.


Filming has already begun in Scotland as Whittaker takes on the role of Cath Hardacre, a hardworking and skilled nurse who loses her job after becoming a whistleblower.

Desperate, she steals her best friend’s identity as a senior doctor and begins afresh in Edinburgh. But as her old life threatens to destroy her new persona, how far will she go to protect the lie?

“I’m so excited to be a part of this project,” said Whittaker. “It’s an incredibly challenging piece with a fantastic cast and crew. I haven’t played a role like this before.”

The drama is written by Mr Selfridge’s Dan Sefton, who is actually a doctor himself.

Sefton said: “Having worked as a doctor within the NHS for most of my adult life, I know only too well that it provides the perfect setting for a contemporary drama – the characters, the (often literal) pain – as well as the affection and dedication of staff.

“Trust Me shows all of that but its central story is Cath, a decent, honourable woman who, when everything is falling apart, takes a huge risk in search of a better life. A life that she will fiercely protect.”

The thriller will also star The Paradise’s Emun Elliott as Dr Andy Brenner, a smart and charming senior doctor from within the A&E department. Sharon Small joins the cast as Dr Brigitte Rayne, the consultant in charge of the department, who is described as “the first in line at the pub and the last to leave”.

But she, too, has a secret – and it will test her friendship with Cath.

Another familiar face joining the cast is Blake Harrison, best known for his role as Neil in The Inbetweeners. He’ll play Karl, Cath’s ex-boyfriend, and the father of their daughter. He’s a bit of a deadbeat dad, but when Cath disappears with their child, he’s desperate to get his family back.


Also starring are Nathan Walsh as investigative journalist Sam Kelly, Lois Chimimba as nurse Karen, Michael Abubakar as Dr Charlie McKee, and Cara Kelly as Cath’s neighbour Mona.