Bloodline’s Andrea Riseborough: why my Netflix debut made me nervous

The British actress talks about joining the cast for the second season of the Netflix thriller


If you ever thought keeping on top of a complicated TV series must be hard, imagine joining one after an entire season’s worth of plot and machinations has been and gone.


That’s the situation British actress Andrea Riseborough (Birdman, The Devil’s Whore) has found herself in after joining hit Netflix drama Bloodline for its second run.

“When you do a film, you kind of know what the trajectory’s gonna be – you start at the beginning, you finish at the end,” she told

“With Bloodline, they’d already done one series, and I hadn’t really done anything series-like since I was younger, when I’d just left drama school,” added. “So I was a little nervous.”

However, she adds that making television that’s meant to be binge watched does feel more like a film than a regular television series.

“The way that people consume things is so different nowadays” she said. “For me it is anyway.

“I mean, when House of Cards comes out I watch it in a day, and nothing else is happening.”

“You kind of end up making a 10-hour film. It’s like making Gandhi twice or something. Except without all the extras.”

You can watch our full interview with Andrea above.


Bloodline season 2 is available on Netflix now