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Will there be a Blood season 3?

Channel 5 drama Blood has impressed once again, but are there any plans for season three?

Blood Adrian Dunbar
Published: Friday, 1st May 2020 at 8:00 pm

Blood has been going down a treat on Channel 5 with Adrian Dunbar front and centre of a minefield of Irish family politics.


The first run of the show was met with a strong response by viewers and critics alike, prompting a second season which appears to be rumbling along with the same level of enthusiasm for Blood's mysterious, gritty tale swirling around the Hogan family.

Check out the latest update on whether there will be a season 3 of Blood.

Will there be a Blood season 3? caught up with creator Sophie Petzal who confirmed she would "absolutely love" to return with Blood season three.

She said: "Could we be bleeding forever? Never say never. Whatever uncertainty there usually is around commissioning and recommissioning television in general, there's sort of thrice that uncertainty with everything going on [amid the coronavirus pandemic].

"I'm currently writing a show that has just been green-lit for ITV called Hollington Drive, so that's happening in between, but as for Blood season three, we absolutely love this series and we love this cast. We're always having ideas and discussing them about how this could continue.

"Never say never, and let's see which way the world turns and who wants what, but absolutely I'd love to. We'll see..."

When could a potential third season be released?

Blood Adrian Dunbar

The second season of Blood arrived on Channel 5 around 17 months after the first, so by that logic, autumn/winter 2021 wouldn't be a bad guess for a prospective season three air date.

However, it’s worth noting that the current hiatus in TV production caused by the coronavirus pandemic could have a knock-on effect which leads to any filming being postponed, due to cast and production talent being tied up in other delayed projects (e.g. Adrian Dunbar's commitments to Line of Duty).

Who will appear in a potential third season of Blood?

Given the show's twisty-turny narrative and habit of focusing of focusing on different characters each season, it's tough to say at this early stage which characters will continue appear in the Blood cast a prominent role.

However, you can certainly expect the Hogan clan (see below) to loom large:

  • Adrian Dunbar as Dr Jim Hogan
  • Carolina Main as Cat Hogan
  • Gráinne Keenan as Fiona Hogan
  • Diarmuid Noyes as Michael Hogan

The show's structure – which incorporates some flashbacks – could allow for characters who've left this mortal coil to continue to appear on the show in some form.

Is there a trailer for a third season of Blood?

Of course, you need a new season to be confirmed before getting all the way to the stage of releasing a trailer...

If the show is renewed, we'll bring you the trailer as soon as it is unveiled.


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