Blood has built up the suspense once again in with a host of returning and new characters making up the cast.


Line of Duty star Adrian Dunbar leads the way, but there are plenty of excellent performances from names you may not know throughout.

Check out the full list of actors in Blood season 2.

Adrian Dunbar plays Jim Hogan

Blood Adrian Dunbar

Who is Jim Hogan? Jim is a key character in the show. He returns for season two in disgrace, a year on from the events of the first season. He is suspected of killing his wife May in season one though it is revealed that he was asked to assist her death after she was diagnosed with motor neurone disease. Jim returns to the community with his status and reputation in tatters.

What else has Adrian Dunbar been in? Dunbar is of course most famous for his role rooting out "bent coppers" as Ted Hastings in Line of Duty. Previous roles include that of Martin Summers in Ashes to Ashes, Ralph Nickleby in The Life and Adventures of Nick Nickleby and Father Peter Flaherty in 2017 TV series Broken.

Grainne Keenan plays Fiona Hogan

Blood Grainne Keenan

Who is Fiona Hogan? Fiona is a key figure in season two and the only character other than Jim to feature in all 12 episodes of Blood. She is Jim's daughter and also suffers from motor neurone disease, like his wife Mary in the first season. Fiona and husband Paul are reeling from her condition and struggle to juggle the stresses and pressures of life on top of MND.

What else has Grainne Keenan been in? Key roles for Keenan include the part of Beth in The Foreigner, the role of Carol Castleman in The Wife and one of her earliest roles came as Laura Francatelli in a 2012 TV mini-series re-telling of Titanic.

Sean Duggan plays Dez Breen

Blood Sean Duggan

Who is Dez Breen? Detective Dez Breen's role could step up in season two following a startling discovery in the first episode. In a show that heavily revolves around family dynamics, he is one of the few characters who must remain impartial to all goings on.

What else has Sean Duggan been in? Breen has enjoyed roles in The Lobster, The Professor and the Madman and The Sisters Brother while he also featured in 2015 series Clean Break as Ernie. His stint of Blood is his longest project to date.

Diarmuid Noyes plays Michael Hogan

Blood Diarmuid Noyes

Who is Michael Hogan? Michael is the brother of Fiona and Cat Hogan, son of Jim. He believes Jim should be jailed for his part in his mother's death, so it will be interesting to see how he reacts to Jim's return in season two after a year of letting the dust settle.

What else has Diarmuid Noyes been in? Noyes played the role of Alessandro Farnese between 2011 and 2014 in the Borgia TV series. He also starred in Pure Mule, Five Minutes of Heaven and Broken Things.

Carolina Main plays Cat Hogan

Blood Carolina Main

Who is Cat Hogan? Cat is the star of season one. She is the lens through which much of the drama is viewed. She grows increasingly suspicious of her father Jim, leading to intense conflict throughout the family. But Cat is nowhere to be seen as the start of season two...

What else has Carolina Main been in? Main currently stars in Unforgotten as DC Fran Lingley and played the part of Celine in 2019 mini-series Temple.

Ian Lloyd Anderson plays Paul Crowley

Blood Ian Lloyd Anderson

Who is Paul Crowley? Paul is Fiona's husband. He has struggled with an alcohol addiction and as mentioned previously, he is feeling the pressure of Fiona's MND. He spirals into a dark place following the death of Mary but continues to work on their farm as means of escape.

What else has Ian Lloyd Anderson been in? Anderson played the role of Dean in Love/Hate while he enjoyed a minor role as Castle Black resident Derek in Game of Thrones.

Other stars include...

  • Ingrid Craigie as Mary Hogan
  • Fiona Bell as Gillian Mooney
  • Denis Conway as Tom Mooney
  • Darragh O'Toole as Kian
  • Bernadette McKenna as Marjorie
  • Desmond Eastwood as Owen Mooney
  • Ruby Dunne as Rose Crowley
  • James Heffernan as Joseph Crowley
  • Jamie O'Neill as Wicko
  • Shereen Martin as Sarah
  • Mark O'Regan as Frank

Blood season 2 airs every night between Monday 27th April and Friday 1st May at 9pm on Channel 5 – check out what else is on with our TV Guide