Beverly Hills Cop US TV pilot: first photo of Axel and son

See Eddie Murphy and onscreen son Brandon T Jackson on the set of the upcoming small-screen adaptation

Here’s a first look at Axel Foley and his son Aaron – aka Eddie Murphy and Brandon T Jackson – on the set of the upcoming Beverly Hills Cop TV pilot.


Murphy will reprise the role of the wisecracking police detective for the first time since 1994 movie sequel Beverly Hills Cop III, but he won’t be the show’s main focus.

Instead, the small-screen adaptation will pivot around his son Aaron (Jackson), who moves from Detroit to Beverly Hills to tackle crime in the wealthy neighbourhood.

The pilot is also expected to feature an appearance from Judge Reinhold, who played Detective Billy Rosewood in the original Beverly Hills Cop movies.

Described as a police procedural with comedic elements (as you’d expect), Beverly Hills Cop is written by The Shield’s Shawn Ryan and will bedirected by Men in Black’s Barry Sonnenfeld.

Over the weekend, Ryan tweeted the first few photos from the set of the pilot. Take a look below:


Released in 1984, the first Beverly Hills Cop movie starred Murphy as a streetwise Detroit cop investigating his best friend’s murder, and was a hit with audiences and critics alike.

It went on to become the second-highest grossing film of the year and spawned two sequels.


Watch a trailer for the original Beverly Hills Cop below: