Benedict takes a Cumber-beating in new teaser for Little Favour

The Sherlock actor is on the receiving end of a brutal attack in the first footage from his new short film

Nowadays we’re used to seeing Benedict Cumberbatch gracing a red carpet in a smart suit, cleanly shaven with a perfectly coiffed barnet. But he doesn’t look in such good shape in the first footage released from short film Little Favour…


The Sherlock actor looks worlds away from 221B Baker Street as he lies on a dirty mattress at the mercy of a mystery assailant. The 20-second teaser sees Cumberbatch in a white wife-beater as he’s struck around the face before a close-up reveals his character’s distress. 

The short thriller – which is written and directed by Patrick Victor Monroe – was crowd-funded through Indiegogo and filmed last June. Cumberbatch plays Wallace, who left Her Majesty’s Service seven years ago but is indebted to an American counterpart, James, who saved his life in Iraq a decade earlier. Hiding his struggle with post-traumatic stress disorder, he’s finally attempting to embark upon a functional relationship – until James cashes in his favour.

Take a look at the Cumber-beating below…

The original crowd-funded project met its target funding within twelve hours and eventually raised three times the original amount, with Cumberbatch thanking backers for their donations in the video below: