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Be a Radio Times reviewer: tell us what you think of Downton Abbey series 4

Want to be a TV journalist for a day? Send us your review of Downton Abbey series four by 2pm on Monday and it might just get published...

Published: Sunday, 10th November 2013 at 11:57 am

Have your tissues at the ready as tonight is the final episode of Downton Abbey series four (sob). But before you don Mary's black garb and go into mourning, we want to know what YOU think of tonight's finale... 


There's a lot riding on episode eight with plenty of loose ends left to tie up: how will Bates seek his revenge on Lord Gilligham's evil butler, Green? Will Edith inform the Crawleys of her bun in the oven, or will her dashing editor, Michael Gregson, magically re-appear in one of Julian Fellowes' handily crafted plot twists?

Will Lady Mary opt for charming Lord Gillingham with whom she shared a cheeky snog mid-series? Or does her heart belong to bristly Charles Blake who won her good opinion during a sexually charged late-night pig rescue? And what will be the fallout from Rose's love affair with dashing American, Jack Ross?

Go on, you know you want to have your say. Put on your reviewing hat and tell us in 150 words what you think of the conclusion to Downton Abbey series 4. Did it have you on the edge of your seat or was it lacking in drama? Are you looking forward to the Christmas special or dreading another dreary festive episode? 

And what did you make of series four as a whole? Was it as good as previous episodes? Did it take too long to warm up? And was Anna's controversial rape scene a step too far from Fellowes? Do you think he did a good job of tying up that storyline? Who would you like to see more of in series five? 

Series four of Downton Abbey has divided opinion more than ever before, so now is the chance to have YOUR say. Send us your thoughts in no more than 150 words and we'll publish our favourites... 

Send your 150 word review of Downton Abbey series four, along with your full name, age and hometown, to by 2pm on Monday (11/11/2013).


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