Elizabeth Bancroft (Sarah Parish) finally got her "comeuppance" in the final moments of series two – but what does that mean for the future of the ITV detective series?

Here's what we know.

Will there be a third series of Bancroft?

There is no news yet on whether Bancroft will get a third series, according to ITV. Watch this space!

However, creator Kate Brooke and star Sarah Parish say they are definitely hoping to make another series of the crime drama, and they have their fingers crossed it gets recommissioned.

"Yeah. Of course," Brooke told RadioTimes.com. "I think she’s a character that we haven’t got on British television. I think a policewoman with that dark side, as well as being so excellent at her job, is just a great format, and I just think you can put her in lots and lots of different situations.

"I think you can bring her up, and bring her down, and bring her back up again. It’s a bit like House of Cards – that kind of character. She’s amazingly resilient, and she’s a survivor."

As for whether she has a plan for series three already? "I do. Yes, I do."


Asked whether she would return to the role of Elizabeth Bancroft, Parish said: "Yeah, I’d love to. You never know if there’s going to be a season three, but hopefully if enough people watch it, we’ll come back."

She added: "You could put her in pretty much any situation, and it’d be entertaining."

Who could be in the cast?

It wouldn't be Bancroft without Sarah Parish in the lead role, so it's fairly certain she would be on board should the new series go ahead.

However, at this stage, there's no official word about any potential returning cast members or guest stars.

When is Bancroft series 3 likely to air?

The first series of Bancroft aired on ITV in December 2017, with a wait of more than two years until the series two aired in January 2020.

At that rate, viewers may have to wait until 2022 to see more Bancroft on their screens, although with no firm commission in place, it's impossible to say at this stage.

"It’s all about commissioning," Creator Kate Brooke explained. "It’s all about the network, really."

That said, she's not sure whether the show could be ready in time for early 2021 ("turning it around in a year, we might be able to do, but it’s quite tight") and it really has to air in the winter ("we don’t really feel like it’s a summer show").