The last episode of Alibi's crime drama Annika airs on Tuesday 21st September, with Nicola Walker's unorthodox DI Annika Strandhed back to solve yet another marine murder – but this time, the case hits a little too close to home.


An exclusive preview of the final Annika episode reveals that DS Michael McAndrews' (Jeremy Sives) brother is the main suspect in a murder investigation into the body of a woman after it washes up on the Glasgow docks.

Understandably, Michael is distraught, and seems to be protecting his brother, who has gone into hiding because, according to Michael, "he's scared".

"It's a murder charge he's facing, you just dance away with it like you always do," Michael tells Annika.

"I do not dance away from things, things – they dance away from me," Annika tells him.

Michael seems keen to maintain his brother's innocence, however, and isn't afraid to throw in a personal jab, saying. "And I'm trying to keep a family together, which might seem an alien concept to you."

Viewers will be well-acquainted with Annika's family troubles, which include a budding relationship with her troubled daughter's psychiatrist (played by Paul McGann).

Take a look at how the altercation unfolds below.

The argument ends with one of Annika's signature looks to camera. It's this Fleabag-style storytelling technique that makes Annika stand out from other crime drama's of its ilk.

Another unusual tactic is Annika's penchant for classic literature, which she usually draws on to aid in her investigations, hence Michael's "catch the killer with the complete works of Chaucer, or whoever it is this time" comment.

Alibi has yet to confirm whether the crime drama will return to Scotland, where Annika is filmed, for another series but, considering its record-breaking viewing figures, we doubt this week's finale is the last we've seen of Annika.


Annika continues on Alibi on Tuesday 21st September at 9pm. Looking for something to watch tonight? Visit our TV Guide or check out our Drama hub for all the latest news and features.