Nicola Walker’s Annika Strandhed meets Paul McGann’s psychiatrist in Annika episode 3 preview

DCI Annika Strandhed tells the audience her thoughts on her daughter's psychiatrist, played by Paul McGann.

Annika Exclusive

Nicola Walker is back in Annika‘s murder-solving shoes in the crime drama’s third episode. The Alibi record-breaking detective series is based on the radio play of the same name, and sees Walker’s eponymous DCI break the fourth wall and directly address the audience.


An exclusive preview teases what’s in store for Annika this Tuesday, when the body of a scientist washes up in Lock Katrine. Annika was filmed in Scotland, where the literature-loving detective heads the Marine Homicide Unit. And though her next case will likely take her to some cinematic locations, it looks like her relationship with her troubled daughter Morgan (Silvie Furneaux) will take centre stage.

Following Morgan’s school suspension last episode, Annika takes her to her psychiatrist, played by Paul McGann. The preview teases a connection between the pair, though Annika is clearly worried that she’s the root of her daughter’s problems.

“It’s not always the mother,” McGann’s Jake Strathearn reassures her.

“I mean, sometimes it is the mother,” Annika tells the audience.

See for yourself below.

Whether the spark will actually take is yet to be determined, with the ethics of such a relationship certainly making for ample opportunity to talk to the audience.

As well as her daughter’s mental health struggles, Annika will be linking her latest case to Ibsen’s An Enemy of the People, which suggests there’s something nasty in the water.

Penned by Perrier nominated writer Nick Walker, the six part series marks Nicola Walker’s return to the crime drama scene after her tragic demise in Unforgotten.


Annika continues on Alibi on Tuesday 31st August at 9pm. Looking for something to watch tonight? Visit our TV Guide or check out our Drama hub for all the latest news and features.