All Creatures Great & Small viewers adore the Channel 5 reboot – but there are gripes

Bring back the original theme tune and move it to Sunday nights, demand many viewers.

All Creatures Great and Small

Viewers of the new adaptation of All Creatures Great & Small have applauded the Channel 5 series with renewed vigour after the second episode, but there have been mutterings of discontent from some corners.


Where did the original theme tune go? And why (oh why) isn’t it broadcast on Sunday nights?

The premiere introduced Siegfried Farnon (Samuel West), James Herriot (Nicholas Ralph) and the beautiful Yorkshire Dales last Tuesday and viewers of a certain age were treated to the wonderfully reminiscent theme tune from the BBC series, one of the all-time classic TV theme tunes.

But this week it had disappeared, to be replaced by a completely new melody, much to the disgruntlement of many, who took to social media to register their disapproval.

It was very polite disapproval, of course.

A fan summed up the sentiments of many on Twitter: “#AllCreaturesGreatAndSmall loving the new series. But last week we had the original theme tune. What happened this week??? Please bring it back!!” 

Meanwhile, some thought All Creatures Great & Small belonged in a Sunday night slot.

Another Tweeted: “It really needs to be moved to a Sunday evening though. Its all a bit weird watching it on a Tuesday.”

A feeling that quickly became a theme with fans on social media.

These minor criticisms were completely outweighed by the love shown the new version of the James Herriot novels, which were first adapted in 1978 and ran for a remarkable 90 episodes, finishing in 1990.

“So great to see a much loved story treated with respect and care,” posted one viewer.

Celebrity fans, in the form of ITN newsreader Alastair Stewart, were also lavishing the praise.

*The following contains spoilers for episode two*

Episode two of All Creatures Great & Small featured Tristan’s revelation that he didn’t pass his course and Edinburgh vet school: in fact, he didn’t even finish the course. Older brother Siegfried exploded, of course.

Viewers were also introduced to Diana Riggs’ Mrs Pumphrey and pekinese, Tricki-Woo, while James found himself bewitched by Helen (Rachel Shenton). He will have some competition in upcoming episodes, however.

All Creatures Great & Small screens next Tuesday, but there is a repeat of each episode early evening on Sundays.


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