“Promise you will come back,” said Robson Green’s Teddy to his new love Bel in the series one finale of Age Before Beauty.


But will she?

Polly Walker’s Bel has plenty to sort out – as do many of the characters. But in terms of a recommission, the BBC is remaining tight lipped about the possibility of a second series.

A spokeswoman said that there was "no news" and declined to comment on speculation that the way is still open for a return to the bed-hopping Mancunians.

RadioTimes.com understands from production sources that a second run is very much "on the cards", provided writer Debbie Horsfield finds the time in between finishing her scripts for Poldark series five.

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And while ratings have been disappointing – under 3 million watched the penultimate episode on Tuesday night – it has attracted a loyal fan base who will be keen to see more.

And there is plenty left to resolve as the drama finished on with plenty of loose ends.

The Manchester family saga ended appropriately enough at a wedding – with Wes (James Murray) marrying Leanne – only for heaps of secrets to come tumbling out.

Puppetmaster Teddy’s ruse to snare Bel – through the agency of Dante – was unmasked to everyone who mattered. As was the fact that he had had a vasectomy (which meant Leanne never got the kids she craved) and already had a child – who was Dante. Oh yes, and Wes’ former girlfriend Lorelei had a baby as well.

But, extraordinarily enough, things seemed to pass off reasonably peacefully – except for Teddy who got a punch in the face from Leanne and spent the rest of the episode with some tissue up his hooter.

But Bel and Wes may still find their way back – provided his marriage to Leanne crumbles as everybody suspects it will. But will Bel make a go of things with Teddy? It wasn't entirely clear...

Whatever happens, this bizarre extended family want to stick together.

“How are we going to make this work,” said Wes at the close.

“I've no idea,” replied Bel. “Let's find out.”



This article was originally published on 29 August 2018