When he wasn't busy tormenting Sarah Lancashire from his prison cell in Happy Valley, James Norton was back in Grantchester solving crimes with Robson Green.


There was just as much high drama unfolding in the greater Cambridge area as there was in the Calder Valley, with murders, suspected paranormal activity, a teenage tragedy and a scandalous cover up tearing Sidney and Geordie apart.

But the biggest shock of all was to come at the end of the tale, and with a third series just commissioned, we are VERY excited about what might happen next...


The series two finale saw Amanda finally ditching her well to do husband, Guy, to chase down the man she’d loved and tormented since the beginning of series one.

Of course, it’s not like we didn’t see it coming in one way or another. Lest we forget, Amanda was so unhappy in her marriage to Guy that it had actually turned her into a kleptomaniac. And the forlorn look on her face when she spied Sidney and Margaret getting a bit hot and heavy in the graveyard spoke volumes.

“I have nothing”, she sobbed after chasing the vicar down on the banks of the Cam, telling him her husband was furious and her father had disowned her. “You have ME. You’ve ALWAYS had me!” Sidney proclaimed, before the two passionately embraced.

Well, actually, you also have a baby, Amanda. Your husband Guy’s baby. Which we’re guessing means he’s not going to give up his wife without a fight.

And if the thought of a vicar lodging with a divorcee was scandalous (just ask Sam Millburn’s landlady), can you imagine what the village will say when a heavily pregnant woman flees from her husband to live with our Sid?

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Police secretary Margaret was a breath of fresh female air, taking absolutely no nonsense from her colleagues or the vicar.

We'd love to see her getting involved in a few more cases next time around, because chances are she'd have them solved in half the time it takes Sidney and Geordie.

And let's face it, she didn't mess poor Sidney around even half as much as Amanda did.



Poor Leonard’s had a bit of a tough time of it this series, struggling to come to terms with his feelings for a man (photographer Daniel), dueling with Mrs Maguire (feisty one, she is), holding everything together when Sidney was at his lowest ebbs, and dealing with the bullish Archdeacon.

The usually impish Leonard was particularly powerful when facing down his superior, telling him he’d be hanging his head in a court dock for his decision to hide Sam Millburn.

But the series two finale also saw him in floods of tears as he discovered Daniel has moved on. Sidney did his best to comfort his pal, but will Leonard’s heart heal? Or will he finally find love in what seems like a hopeless place?


At least in a professional sense anyway! The duo were fierce in their takedown of the dodgy Archdeacon.

Do Sidney and Geordie have some serious competition?


The trio suffered terribly this series, losing both Abigail and Gary as a result of the teenager's botched abortion attempt.

They decided to band together to help cover up Mrs Redmond's stabbing of Sam Millburn, a decision that very nearly sent the Redmonds to prison.

When last we saw them they were gathered together holding hands – does that mean their ordeal is finally over?


Sidney's faith in the church was greatly shaken when he discovered the Archdeacon was concealing his old friend's tendency to groom young teenage girls.

And he was quite reluctant to forgive and help Sam when he found him dying behind the crates at the Redmonds' home.

Geordie told the priest to drop the charges against the Redmonds and leave them in peace. But it remains to be seen whether or not Sam will finally be brought to justice.


Now she's found love, will Sidney's devoted housekeeper leave to find a new life of her own?

We hardly think that's likely, given how much time she's invested in both the blonde vicar and lonely Leonard.


"He says he won't let me do this", Amanda sobbed to Sidney, who'd already had a fist to the face from the angry aristocrat earlier in the series.


If talking to Amanda was worth a punch, imagine what harbouring both her and their unborn child will earn our beloved vicar in terms of retribution...