A new George RR Martin series is coming to TV

Missing Game Of Thrones? There could be an answer


Missing Game Of Thrones? There could soon be a solution.


Author George RR Martin has revealed on his blog that his fantasy series Wild Cards is also being developed for TV.

The books tell the story of an alternative post-World War II universe, in which a deadly alien virus has been dropped over Manhattan. Some survivors are twisted and deformed into ‘jokers’, whereas others develop superhuman powers and become ‘aces’.

Universal Cable Productions (UCP), the studio behind shows such as Mr Robot and Battlestar Galactica, has acquired the rights, and Martin’s long-term collaborator and former Star Trek: The Next Generation writer Melinda M. Snodgrass will executive produce.


With 22 books, plus spin-off comics and role-playing games to dig into for inspiration, writers and producers should have plenty of material to keep them going.