Who is Estela on 13 Reasons Why? Meet Monty’s sister and The CW Superman & Lois star

Everything we know about Estela de la Cruz – the new Liberty High student in season four...

Estela de la Cruz in 13 Reasons Why

It’s back! 13 Reasons Why has returned to Netflix, delivering another season of lies, paranoia and a host of new characters, including Estela de la Cruz.


The new Liberty High student, portrayed by Inde Navarrette, is quickly revealed to be the younger sister of Monty de la Cruz (Timothy Grenaderos), the jock who sexually assaulted Tyler in season two and was framed for Bryce’s murder after dying in prison.

Here’s everything we know about Estela de la Cruz…

Who is Estela de la Cruz?

Estela, a new high schooler, is introduced in season four as the sister of Monty de la Cruz. We first meet Estela when she attends the school fair and introduces herself to Jessica (Alisha Boe), who is manning the stall for Hands Off Our Bodies – her group for sexual assault victims. Estela tells Jessica, who initially acts coldly towards her, that she wants to join the group: “I really admire what you’re doing, trying to change the culture of the school.” Jessica then lets her join.

We then see Estela again, when Clay begins to hallucinate seeing Monty in the school canteen. All the football players are wearing jerseys with Monty’s surname on them as a tribute to him, and Diego Torres (Jan Luis Castellanos) asks her to wear it but she doesn’t want to. Clay realises that Estela is Monty’s sister, causing the hallucination of Monty to begin taunting him.

While Clay is suspicious of Estela, Jessica tells him not to be since she joined Hands Off Our Bodies and therefore must know what her brother was truly like.

However, after the school is vandalised with the words: “Monty was framed” written in red paint, Ani (Grace Saif) finds Estela studying in the Hands Off Our Bodies room with cans of red paint next to her. Ani asks her for coffee, where Estela says she’s not at Liberty High to defend her brother – “that’s not me”.

But she does say that while she knew Monty “had a temper”, she doesn’t understand why he would kill Bryce. “Bryce was like a brother to Monty. I mean he was even nice to me. I’m sorry, I know that Bryce has done some really terrible,” she says whilst getting upset.

While members of the group may think Estela isn’t a threat, it’s clear that she finds it hard to believe that her brother would kill Bryce. Will she team up with Winston to uncover the truth later in the series?

Who plays Estela on 13 Reasons Why?

WEST HOLLYWOOD, CALIFORNIA - JANUARY 03: Inde Navarrette attends the 9th AACTA International Awards at Mondrian Los Angeles on January 03, 2020 in West Hollywood, California. (Photo by Charley Gallay/Getty Images for AACTA)

Inde Navarrette has been acting since 2018, having starred in drama Wander Darkly alongside Sienna Miller.

She plays Estela de la Cruz in eight episodes of 13 Reasons Why and is set to star in Supergirl spin-off series Superman and Lois as Sarah Cushing.


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