Who is Em Ford?

The beauty blogger went viral after she made a film, You're So Disgusting, about the abuse she received from internet trolls...


Blogger/vlogger Em Ford has been sharing beauty and make-up tips on her blog My Pale Skin since January 2014, and via her YouTube channel from June the same year.


After developing adult acne, Em became known for her transformative make-up tutorials but she also received a great deal of nasty feedback from internet trolls.

In July 2015, Em posted a video she’d directed which shared some of those comments. It went viral and to date has been watched over 18 million times.

Two years after she first began blogging, Em teams up with technology journalist David McClelland to present BBC3’s Troll Hunters, in which the pair meet other victims of online abuse and track down and confront some of the perpetrators.

Here’s Em’s first ever YouTube post, an upbeat, breezy video following her on a visit to a beauty convention…


And here’s You Look Disgusting, her film about the abuse she has since received.


Troll Hunters is on BBC3 at 9pm on Wednesday 27th January