When is The Trial: A Murder in the Family on TV?

When and how you can watch the eye-opening fly-on-the-court docu-drama


What time is it on TV?


The five-part series will be shown every night, Sunday to Thursday, 9pm on Channel 4.

What is The Trial: A Murder about?

A university lecturer finds his estranged wife dead on the floor of the family home. She’s been strangled, but he takes an unconscionable amount of time to alert the emergency services. Eventually, he’s arrested and charged with her murder.

This enthralling Channel 4 experiment, which runs nightly until a “verdict” is delivered on Thursday, does its best to look into the heart of the British jury system by presenting 12 randomly chosen men and women, ordinary members of the public, with a court case. But it’s a construct, the accused and the witnesses are actors, and the judge and the defence and prosecution teams are played by a retired judge and real barristers.


The Trial is extremely well put together and works just as much as an absorbing drama as an intriguing social experiment about perception and humanity.