As it's announced that tax will be rising to coverage the increasing cost of the NHS, it’s a good time for a reminder of just why the National Health Service is so important.


The BBC kicks of a season of themed programming to mark the NHS's 70th anniversary on 5th July with a new series, How the NHS Changed Our World.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new documentary series.

When is How the NHS Changed Our World on?

The series begins on Monday 25th June at 7pm on BBC2, and runs through the rest of the week, airing at the same time each night, until Friday.

What’s it about?

The five-part series give an insight into the heroic work done by the NHS hospitals

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Each episode will focus on a different hospital in the UK. the program also covers the NHS’s remarkable work from several different angles. Landmark achievements throughout the services history are explored alongside the everyday acts of heroism performed by NHS workers across the country.

Episode one focuses on Royal Papworth Hospital, in Cambridgeshire, and how doctors working there performed the UK’s first successful heart transplant. Expect plenty of tear jerking inspirational stories and heart-warming examples of human kindness.


How the NHS Changed Our World airs every night the week beginning Monday 25th June on BBC2

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