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What time is Joanna Lumley's India on TV?

The Ab-Fab star and travel aficionado takes on the sub-continent

Published: Friday, 30th June 2017 at 3:20 pm

Joanna Lumley returns to the country in which she was born for her new three-part series. Find out more about her new series Joanna Lumley's India below.


When does Joanna Lumley's India start?

The first episode of the series airs on Wednesday 5th July at 9pm on ITV

Where do Lumley's explorations take her this time?

To all corners of India, to see both the old and iconic, and the new and surprising – not to mention delving into her own family history. In this episode, Lumley is moved by a letter written by her diplomat grandfather in 1930, amazed by piles of raw jute ("It's just like my hair!") and touched by stories of transgender young people. 

A trip to see elephants is initially unsuccessful, but nothing can mar Lumley's palpable, infectious joy for the country of her birth...

Will Lumley ever stop adventuring? 

It looks unlikely – the 71-year-old star is determined to relish every moment:  "You're only here for a short time and then we are going to die, so what you want to do is make sure that you don't waste life."

She hopes the programme will inspire viewers...

"I want people not to be afraid. There's a kind of nervousness among people who like to have a hot shower every day in the same brave and bold. You will experience something wonderful." Read the full article.

Where can we see more of India on our screens?


In the BBC's India season, a selection of programmes to mark the 70th anniversary of the partition. Coming soon are documentaries where director Gurinder Chadha investigates the partition and Countryfile star Anita Rani traces her family history, as well as a look at the border between India and Pakistan in the present day.


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